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Our Story

This is the Story of a Problem, a Company, and a Dream

There are a lot of companies out there in the bed and mattress industry, but unfortunately, the technology behind beds hasn’t changed in a long time. Some companies focus exclusively on mattresses, while some focus on customization, and others simply focus on adjustable bed frames. The only problem is that none of these companies focus on healing. One of the most important practices to maintain and restore your body is sleep—something almost everyone is chronically deprived of in today’s age. Sixty-five percent of Americans (that’s more than 200 million!) do not get the recommended amount of sleep each night, and as the world gets increasingly interconnected and technology becomes more disruptive, experts believe this number will only get higher. Sleep studies from around the world show that this problem isn’t just limited to the United States—it’s an international health crisis. There are mountains of research that show missing a night of sleep is more dangerous than drunk driving, and research shows that people who don’t get enough sleep have a much higher risk of developing heart disease, stroke, and degenerative mental illnesses, such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. Simply put, without sleep your body cannot heal.

Due to this pressing health concern, we knew we had to act. Sleep rates have been steadily falling in the last century—proof that no on else is addressing this problem successfully, which is why we started Heal All Night. Since sleep is so important to people’s overall health and well being, we wanted to put the most healing possible in our beds and mattresses, so that you could get the most restorative sleep possible and heal while you sleep. No other beds focus on healing. That’s because in order to focus on healing, you’ve got to get doctors and sleep specialists involved.

We began our journey to create the ultimate healing bed 3 years ago. It was a difficult and time consuming process, and we sacrificed a lot to do it, but the need for a bed that can actually help you heal all night was so pressing, we knew we had to do it. Thankfully, we didn’t have to undertake this task alone—we had invaluable help from countless doctors, sleep specialists, and neurologists who helped design and perfect our beds. After many failed prototypes, we finally developed a bed with so many healing properties; we decided to simply call it the Healing Bed™.

Heal All Night isn’t just a company name—it’s a philosophy. Everything we do and put in our beds is there to help you heal all night, every night. Whether it’s 11 PM, 1 AM, or even 6 AM, we believe that being in our bed should help you heal because good health shouldn’t be limited by what time it is. This philosophy drives our whole company, from the programmers to the designers, and our singular purpose is to help you turn your nights into a healing exercise, so you can live more active, fulfilling days.


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